The greatest loss of life at sea by enemy action in the history of US war was covered-up when the first radio-guided missile attack ever launched against the United States killed over 1,000 US soldiers. Hitler’s secret weapon attack was erased from history along with the men who died when the burning ship sank to the bottom of the sea. The US War Department declared the Rohna attack “Classified” indefinitely ordering all survivors to remain silent in a cover-up scandal that left over a thousand Gold Star families in the dark.

Broke and alone, two brothers who drank away their inheritance start a new life together while trying to put their troubled past behind them.  Living off the grid, their innovative ability to survive went on for four years…until one of them decided it was time to get out, leaving his brother to make a decision.

A homeless minister stands up to a NJ town that is evicting him, along with 80 other people living in the woods. Police raids and arrests bring uncertainty to the off-the-grid residents that are staking claim to the land that they have been living on for eight years.

82 year old Margarette Kirsch jumps on an 18 wheeler with singer songwriter Annabella Wood to fulfill Margarette’s dream to be a Trucker. This promotional video was made for the Twilight Wish Foundation which grants wishes to deserving seniors.

This award-winning independent film was written by Jack Ballo, along with the film's director Claude Green. The movie is based on the true story Ballo experienced hitchhiking across the country, when he was picked up in a stolen car by a con artist who broke out of prison.

Born in New Orleans, an orphan struggles through a childhood of abuse and isolation. After years of adversity that included drug and alcohol addiction, she realizes that her deepest wounds stem from abandonment. In her own words and through her music, Mary Gauthier shares her most personal feelings about her adoption and reveals answers to how she finally discovered love.

An award winning film produced for the Pulitzer Center in Washington DC. This three minute film highlights a day in the life of Elio Madonia, a man who has dedicated the last 25 years of his life building homes for poor families living in shacks.

This film was made to support a recreational facility and museum that was designed by its owner to allow disabled children and adults throughout the state enjoy a free day of fun. The 89 acre facility was closed for almost a year due to zoning issues after operating in the township for 38 years.

Fund raising was the goal of this informative short film that tells the story of one person's dream to bring education to the village that she grew up in. This film shows potential donors how important it is to educate children in a third world country.

David Peel - Rock N Roll Outlaw
Jack Ballo’s first documentary, David Peel - Rock N Roll Outlaw, was made in 1985. David recently passed away, reminding us of this almost forgotten Ultravision gem about a NYC activist who used his music for social and political change. His first two records were on Electra and he was also produced by John Lennon on Apple Records.


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